15 Minutes GLUTES & CORE Home Workout No Equipment

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Here is another workout video, which is pretty simple but very effective, targeting your GLUTES and CORE.
The best part, it requires NO EQUIPMENT, and can be completed literally anywhere Home, Park, Garden, Garage, Fitness Studio, wherever you wish.

15 Minutes to complete the whole circuit x4 do this four times a week for 30 Days, and you will see results (anticipating to hear all about your changes.)


15 Elevated Push ups

15 Elevated Pikes

20 Floor Bridges (squeeze your Glutes at the top)

30 Reverse Crunches

20 Bicycle Crunches

30 Side Lying Clams (the slower the more of a burn you’ll feel) each side

20 Double Side Lying Leg Raises – each side

30 Froggie Pulses
20 Second Plank (Intermediate: Hold Plank for 1 min)
30 Froggie Pulses
20 Second Plank (INTERMEDIATE:: Hold Plank for 1 min)
30 Froggie Pulses
20 Second Plank (INTERMEDIATE: Hold Plank for 1 min)

10 Leant Forward Straight Leg Lifts – each side

20 Knee Push ups (alternatively 20 Standard Push ups)

20 Single Leg Glute Pulses (might find it trick to do at first, practice)

30 Kneeling Squats (squeeze your Glutes at the top)
Shake out your legs… aim to repeat all x4 at one sitting.

BEGINNERS: May wish to work your way up by completing the circuit twice for the first week and then increasing repetition from week to week.


Week 1 perform 2 Reps.

Week 2 perform 3 Reps.

Week 3 perform complete 4 Reps.


Happy Workout.

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Idole Faith15 Minutes GLUTES & CORE Home Workout No Equipment

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