Loose 5 inches using ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ Waist Training Cincher UK Review

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The ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ training waist cincher, I had trailed this for a few months now (from August until October), and the results are pretty self explanatory, through the measurements…

Mid August 2014:
Waist – 33 inches (83.8 cm)
Abdominal – 40 inches (101.6 cm)

Early October 2014:
Waist – 30.5 inches (77.47 cm)
Abdominal – 37.5 inches (95.25 cm)

TOTAL LOSS of 5 inches, in a little over a month!

I did not wear the training waist cincher, everyday but I had used it specifically during all my workout during that period, with the occasional odd day (of not wearing it). On average my workouts would last around 2 hours depending on what I was focusing on.

Note: My workout regiment was not fixed during this period, attending the Gym a minimum of (x3 per week), whilst on other weeks I may have gone further days.

I have stopped wearing the waist cincher since October, but would definitely recommend this training waist cincher as the results speak for themselves. I definitely feel that it allowed me to get the most out of my workouts.

I will be looking to get another one in a smaller size, now that this one has served me well.

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Idole FaithLoose 5 inches using ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ Waist Training Cincher UK Review

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