Loose 5 inches using ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ Waist Training Cincher UK Review

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Follow @IdoleFaith Tweet   The ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ training waist cincher, I had trailed this for a few months now (from August until October), and the results are pretty self explanatory, through the measurements… Mid August 2014: Waist – 33 inches (83.8 cm) Abdominal – 40 inches (101.6 cm) Early October 2014: Waist – 30.5 inches (77.47 cm) Abdominal – …

Idole FaithLoose 5 inches using ‘Ann Chery Deportivia’ Waist Training Cincher UK Review

Distant Outlook

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Follow @IdoleFaith Tweet Daily encountering novice faces. Deciphering information, through the means of expressional visuals. Most of which, fade into the distance of the blank canvas. Life. You, the artist. Creating your reality. Colours appearing as vivid shadows.   Throughout the yearly cycle,  365 days, we interact with numerous unique inspirational souls. Upon first encounter, engagement may seem miniscule. Non-existent. …

Idole FaithDistant Outlook

Date Tips + Date Syrup Recipe

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Follow @IdoleFaith Tweet So they have finally arrived!!! As you may have noticed, I use Dates in most of my recipes, the perfect substitute for conventional artificial sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and syrups. I still have coconut palm sugar in my kitchen cupboard but rarely use it, since incorporating Dates into my recipes. Purchase in bulk. Individually bag them …

Idole FaithDate Tips + Date Syrup Recipe

‘Sugar Free’ Festive Christmas Biscuits ‘Weihnachtsplätzchen’

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Follow @IdoleFaith Tweet This a little twist on the traditional Vanillekipferl which is an Austrian traditional Christmas treat. Since leaving Austria, we still keep the usual Weihnachts tradition of making Weihnachtsplätzchen(Christmas biscuits) with the usual two candidates Vanillekipferl & Lebkuchen. The change in my diet, meant the original Vanillekipferl recipe was a no-go, as it requires butter and white flour (which …

Idole Faith‘Sugar Free’ Festive Christmas Biscuits ‘Weihnachtsplätzchen’

‘Sugar Free’ Delicious Chocóhaze Spread

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Follow @IdoleFaith Tweet Previously I had given Jars of the ‘Sugar Free’ Chocóhaze Spread as “Thank you” favours, whilst attending a wedding out in Spain. Feedback was extremely positive; ‘rico‘ – rich , ‘delicioso‘ – delicious, ‘sabroso‘ – tasteful and all round ‘Gracias‘. This is my all time favourite, just as tasteful as the other,“Homemade Nut Chocóhaze Spread” but in …

Idole Faith‘Sugar Free’ Delicious Chocóhaze Spread