Vegan Chocolate Slice Cake

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This recipe was an impulsive creation. I did not intend to make anything that very day, but just had a distinctive hunch to go purchase some Coconut Cream from my local store. I remember on first finding this nifty ingredient, possible recipes were unfolding in my minds eye. The compulsion to purchase the Coconut Cream, is what lead to this …

Idole FaithVegan Chocolate Slice Cake

Plantain Chocolate Cookies

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  A heap load of Plantain equates, to a heap load of recipes 🙂 . This, amongst all acclaimed cookie recipes, is OFFICIALLY my favourite cookie recipe of all time. (Say what… !!!! Better than Peanut butter?? Yeah, better than, until further notice of course). Cookies recipe. Recipe cookies 😀 The reason is simple, they are so chewy and delicious, …

Idole FaithPlantain Chocolate Cookies

Carrot Top Pesto “Diary Free”

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Mmm… Carrot Tops. They simply seem to pretty and nutritious to disregard or throw away. I mean yes of course, you could easily boil them down in a stew or soup, but where is the Fun in that. I had something different in mind. For they have a special something about them, the vibrant green is so appealing to eye. …

Idole FaithCarrot Top Pesto “Diary Free”

” Phonemania Culture ” – 3 Days, No Phone. Can you survive?

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  What I have learned, during the 3 days I misplaced my phone! 1. We are so distracted by, the new.   I considered, myself to be a non-heavy phone user, which was evident at the beginning of the 3-day period. Whilst everyone around me, were showing concern over the location of my device, I on the other hand, felt …

Idole Faith” Phonemania Culture ” – 3 Days, No Phone. Can you survive?