Coconut Balls

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What…. !!!!

3 Ingredient Recipe…. (well minus the décor).

Who can say ‘No’ to that? – A Coconut Date.

Mmmm… Yes please. These are super yummy, and you will not be able to contain yourself, to a have one… maybe two 🙂 .
This is, just one of those recipes, which does not take up all your time and effort, but you will be grateful to have spent that extra 15 minutes in the kitchen.
An excellent candy (commercial chocolate) bar substitute, I promise you won’t even miss it.
Dairy, Sugar & Gluten Free.
Note To Nut Allergens suffers: My apologise <3 to those that are unable to benefit from this (and most my other recipes) due to allergies. Fear not I will have further recipes out for you real soon! Until then, thank you kindly for your patience. 😉
Ingredients Checklist:
1 cup Dates (24 Dates)
1 cup Almond Nuts
cup. Cacao Powder
For Décor:
2 Tbsp of Desiccated (Shredded ) Coconut (you may add a little more depending on taste preference)
You’ll Need:
1 Spoon | Blender (or Food Processor) | 1 Baking Tin (sub: Container)|
Refrigerating Time: (optional) 15 minutes Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Note: High-speed blenders manage Dates with ease, whilst ordinary kitchen blenders may struggle a little. Therefore blending time may need to be increased.

  1. Blend 1 cup Almond Nuts until small chunks, add pitted Dates & Cacao Powder, continue to blend until well incorporated (blend this on low speed as the nuts will change consistency and oil may be produced).


  1. Now that you have your sticky mixture, scoop out into a bowl and start forming into desired shape. Take more than a teaspoon worth and roll in your palms into a ball like shape. Proceed to sprinkle your hands with desired amount of Coconut Desiccate and re-roll your Date Ball. Place decorated Date Ball, aside and continue this process with remaining mixture.


  1. Once all the mixture is shaped and covered in Coconut Desiccate (shredded), place unto desired tray or container and store refrigerated for up to a week. May be enjoyed directly, or once chilled. Personally I enjoy them chilled.

Consume within 1 weeks refrigerated.

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