Cooling Grail Smoothie “SECRET Ingredients”

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Refreshing Cooling Summer Smoothie

So with Sun beaming down, we all can not be more than happy.


I mean, we really do not have any objections… (well apart from the seasonal allergies)

From my perspective that is a pretty good deal, in exchange for beautiful rays of sunshine.

In this heat it is only natural to want to keep “cool” as possible 😉

Enter the recipe…

Perfect for those that train during the summer season, play sports, participate in physical activities or are just health advocates . I mean caring for one’s wellbeing, has never been so simple not to mention delicious.

As stated above, the recipe contains 2 Secret Ingredients!!!

I mean you most likely have not thought to place these heat blasters, into one blender jug (and if you have, I applaud you having found this)

One Cooling Grail with the combo secret ingredients, coming up 🙂



Preview Image RCS Smoothie


Ingredients Checklist:RCS COOLING GRAIL
1 Kiwi
3 Dates
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
1 cup Fresh Spinach
1 tbsp Flaxseed (milled)
1 whole Banana (best frozen)
under 1 cup Water (200ml)
under 1 cup Coconut Water (200ml)


Note: For creamier texture, add another Banana to recipe (Total, 2 Bananas)


Ingredients RCS Smoothie

SECRET Ingredients :
6 Mint Leafs
1 cup Cucumber

Secret Ingredients RCS Smoothie

What was your guess on the secret ingredients… ?

Comment Below 🙂


  1. Place all ingredients to your blender jug in the following order. 1 cup of Water followed by washed Spinach, Mint , sliced Cucumber, peeled Kiwi, Dates, Chia Seeds, Flaxseed and Banana – using frozen bananas keeps all ingredients cool during blending process, ensuring that all nutrients are retained also smoothie will be ready to serve as it is chilled :)  Now add the Coconut Water.

Process RCS Smoothie

  1. Blend until all is well incorporated (blend this on medium to high speed as you want to avoid the smoothie heating due to the friction of the blade & motor).

Songle Angle RCS Smoothie

  1. Once all the smoothie is ready, serve and enjoy. Alternatively take it with you, (I personally use this as my post workout shake and therefore take it with me in a flask that keeps it cool for up to 12 hours – not that I need it cool for that long.)

Can be store for up to 1 day but best enjoyed immediately.




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Idole FaithCooling Grail Smoothie “SECRET Ingredients”

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