Garlic Vegan Hummus

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This ingenious creation came, due to the urge to change up the typical hummus flavour. I have made hummus using chickpeas before, but in all honesty I prefer this recipe as it is very flavourful.

A little goes a long way. 

I personally use 1 teaspoon as a dressing for my salads.  Or works well as a Raw veggie dip.

But be warned due to the high content of garlic, it will have a strong flavour, (if you are not a keen on garlic, you may wish to cut back on the content).

For those who can not get enough of Garlic, you will love this.


Ingredients Checklist:
35ml Olive Oil
1/8 cup Garlic Cloves (6)
Squeeze of Lemon
Pinch of Rosemary
1 tbsp Sesame Seeds
½ cup Cashew Nuts
1 cup + 1/3 cup Red Kidney Beans (240g)
150ml Water for soaking

You’ll Need:

Chopping Board | Knife | Blender (sub: Food Processor) | 2 x small Bowl | Ramekin (sub: Container)

Soak Time:  20 Minutes                                        Preparation Time: 7 Minutes


  1. Place Cashew in small bowl & cover with water, ensure all is well soaked. (Soak Cashews for minimum of 20 minutes). In another small bowl combine Rosemary & Sesame Seeds cover with plenty of water and also soak for a minimum of 20 minutes.




  1. In Blender add drained Cashew nuts, Kidney Beans, Sesame Seeds (including soaking Water). Slice Garlic into small chunks and allow to stand for 5 minutes.





  1. Finally add squeeze of lemon, Olive oil, chopped Garlic and blend. Once all is of one consistency, transfer to Ramekin or storage container.

Consume within 1 week.


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Idole FaithGarlic Vegan Hummus

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