Lemon Strawberry Mint infused DETOX WATER

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With the sun rays gracing us, it is only natural to increase your water intake.

Personally I find myself drinking a minimum of, 4L of Water with ease during Summer days.

So therefore plain old water may quickly become bland. Hey I do not blame you for the “Water boredom” you may experience. We all have been there. But who says water has to be boring?

Take the opportunity to turn plain ordinary water, into a detox experience.

Helping you to be healthy, in a flavourful way.

The perfect elixir for the upcoming “hay fever season”!

Beat it, in a naturally delicious manner, whilst quenching your thirst… of course 😉

Perfect for those summer gatherings &  BBQ days. 


Weight loss & Health Benefits of STRAWBERRIES:

  1. Dietary fiber aids to keep digestion regular & lower blood pressure.
  2. Curbs overeating
  3. Nitrate found in strawberries, can promote blood flow & oxygen in the body, aiding weight loss.
  4. Anthocyanin’s that are found in the red colouring encourages the burning of stored fat (motivation to consume these strawberries).
  5. Can improve regulation of blood sugar, with decreased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.
  6. Rich in B-complex group of Vitamins, which act as co-factors to aid the body metabolise carbohydrate, proteins & fats.


Nutritional Benefits of LEMONS:

  1. Fights fatigue hence used by long distance walkers & world travellers, comforts when insufficient oxygen & when experiencing difficulty in breathing.
  2. Excellent source of Vitamin C, most important antioxidant nature has to offer as it strengths immune system.
  3. Flavonoids compounds that have antioxidant & anti- cancer properties.
  4. Vitamin A, which is responsible for maintain healthy mucus membranes, skin & essential for vision.
  5. Contains minerals such as Iron, Cooper, Potassium & Calcium. Vital component for cell & body fluids as it controls heart rate & blood pressure.
  6. Vitamin P (bioflavonoids) strengthens blood vessels effectively, useful in treating high blood pressure.

Nutritional Benefits of MINT:

  1. Aids weight loss as stimulates the digestive enzymes, that absorb nutrients absorbed from food & aids body to use fat, utilising it as usable energy.
  2. Can aid hay fever allergies due to inhibit the release of histamines.
  3. Clears congestion of nose, throat & lungs.
  4. Great palate cleanser, promotes digestion therefore may aid soothe stomach in event of indigestion & inflammation.
  5. Increases amount of fat that is being consumed & used, rather than stored.
  6. Natural stimulant, can revitalise & encourage brain function at high capacity. Diminishing feelings such as sluggishness, anxiety, depression and exhaustion. = A great pick me up 🙂

Now, for the recipe…

Ingredients Checklist:    Lemon Strawberry Mint infused DETOX WATER

2 L Water

6 Mint Leafs

6 Strawberries

1 Whole Lemon

You’ll Need:

1 Pitcher / Mason Jar | Knife | Chopping Board


Refrigerating Time: (optional- for best results overnight) 1 hour                                   Preparation Time: 3 minutes

  1. Rinse all ingredients.
  2. Cut the fresh lemon in half, extract juice using a lemon juice extractor and pour into your pitcher. (Alternatively I prefer to slice the lemon in half  & scoop it out with either a spoon or butter knife as you get the benefits of the flesh too & provides less hassle).
  3. Thinly slice the remaining half of the lemon into thin slice, these will be placed in the pitcher directly.
  4. Slice each strawberries into quarters, and place directly into pitcher, add mint your washed mint leaves and finally fill your pitcher with water.

Place in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour (best results overnight) and enjoy the infused experience!

Note: Can refilled as many times as you wish, or until the fruits start to give & lack flavour.


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Idole FaithLemon Strawberry Mint infused DETOX WATER

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