RAW Chocolate Brownie (optional: PROTEIN Boost)

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In the spirit for a raw sweet treat?

These brownies are unbelievably tasty, you’ll start to wonder where they had been hiding most of your life.

Excellent sweet soother, fulfilling all essential requirements.

Sweet. Simple. Speedy.

Whilst also rich and dense in flavour, no bake recipes are always efficient.

Dairy, Sugar & Gluten Free.


Enjoy, you may thank me later 😉




Ingredients Checklist: RAW Chocolate Brownie +(optional- Protein Boost)

½ cup Dates (12 Dates)

1 cup Brazil Nuts + 5 Brazil Nuts

¼ cup. Cacao Powder

⅛ cup. Baobab Powder


Optional Protein Boost:

⅓ cup Pea Protein Powder (substitute = your preferable Protein Powder)

⅛ cup Chia Seeds


½ cup Dates (12 Dates) Total = 1 cup Dates (24 Dates)

5 Brazil Nuts Total = 1 cup + 5 Brazil Nuts


You’ll Need:

1 Spoon | Blender (or Food Processor) | 1 Brownie Tin (sub: Container)| Baking paper (sub: Cling Film)| Kitchen Paper Towel


Refrigerating Time: 1 hour                             Preparation Time: 10 minutes


Note: High-speed blenders manage Dates with ease, whilst ordinary kitchen blenders may struggle a little. Therefore soaking, will enable the Dates to soften and can be blended.




  1. Blend 1 cup Brazil Nuts until flour like or small chunks, add Chia Seeds & Protein Powder if opted for Protein Boost, gradually add the 5 Brazil Nuts. If following standard recipe, skip to next step. Blend until well incorporated.


  1. Add remaining ingredients to the blender, Cacao, Dates & Baobab powder, proceed to blend until all the mixture is well incorporated (blend this on low speed as the nuts will change consistency and oil may will be produced,).



  1. Once a chunky, consistency is achieved scoop mixture unto desired tray or container (recommend to use baking paper to line the container due to the oil produced from the nuts). With clean hand press down mixture and mould to form, refrigerate. (Excess oil may be removed with kitchen paper towel.)


Consume within 1 weeks refrigerated.


Compliments the Chocolate Orange Infused Icing, click HERE for the recipe. This is also good if your not a fan, of the strong coconut flavour.


Raw Icing… Yummy 🙂 !

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Idole FaithRAW Chocolate Brownie (optional: PROTEIN Boost)

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